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Often overlooked in favor of full time jobs with benefit packages, NJ part time jobs offer a host of their own benefits for job seekers as they pursue their choice of career fields. Whether youre a college grad trying to get your foot in the door, or a retiree wanting to transition out of the workforce, the choices are plentiful and the work engaging.

Jobs in NJ Hospitals

Nothing shines on a resume more then hands-on experience, especially when it comes to jobs handling people's lives and health.

By working part-time or as an assistant, young nurses, technicians and physical therapists can learn the ropes from practical application and knowledgeable colleagues.

Options also exist for those who'd like to care for others without needing a degree. These include: receptionists, security officers, food service associates and housekeepers, all of whom provide vital services which help patients and their families as they go through difficult times.

NJ School Jobs

Parents who wish to be active within their children's school, graduates determined to touch young people's lives and retiring teachers who aren't quite ready to leave the classroom all have reasons to seek a part-time career in education.

And the choices are plentiful, with positions such as tutors, substitute teachers, librarians, cafeteria workers, monitors, crossing guards and bus drivers available.

Federal Government NJ

Perhaps one of the most fields with choices in local government, municipal courts and homeland security, NJ job seekers will find much more then just a position as the local postman when they research options in government careers.

Internships and entry-level jobs invite the young and retired alike to witness the inner workings of our laws and government, while tour guide and maintenance roles at state parks and historic sites expand potential careers into the great outdoors.

Reasons to Choose NJ Part Time Jobs

Flexible hours, career choices and work environments are among the biggest benefits of NJ part time jobs. These allow parents to have more time with their children, students to continue their studies and seniors to stay active when retirement starts to feel isolating.

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